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Urine Therapy is 5000 years old. A Sanskrit volume ‘DAMAR TANTRA’ has a Chapter SHIVAMBU KALPA. In this chapter there are 106 shlokas (Verses) where Yogis take shivambu with various items like harde/haritaki (Terminalia chebula), neempatta (Azadirachta indica), black pepper powder, sunth powder in different seasons for different purpose.

In THE BIBLE, there is a testament written, “DRINK THE WATER OF THY CISTERN”, meaning urine.

Jains have AAGAM SUTRAS, one of them is VYAVAHAR SUTRA. In that it is written, “Sadhus have to stay in lonely place and do fasting for 7 or 8 days. During that period, he has to drink water and every drop of urine from sunrise to sunset.

According to Ayurveda, diseases are classified as originating from (1) vat, (2) Pitta and (3) cough. UT is very effective for the first and third type of diseases. For Pitta diseases it takes longer time to cure.


Those who wish to go deep in Urine Therapy the following books are suggested

Some of the young Indians today do not generally believe what elders say. They want certificate from Europe or America. Below is the list of books written and published outside India.

  • THE WATER OF LIFE – John Armstrong (England)
  • SHIVAMBU KALPA – Paul Arthus Lincoln (Canada)
  • URINE THERAPY – Flora Pescheck (Germany)
  • UROPATHY – Martin Lara (America)
  • YOUR OWN PERFECT MEDICINE – Martha Christy (America) Rs. 175/-
  •  Swamutra (in Hindi) by Avjibhai Patel – Rs. 15/-
  • Shivanbu ne Jano (in Gujarati) by Vaid Chimanlal Shah Rs. 120/-

If you cannot get these in the bookshop, I shall send them to you via post. Kindly email me at utdinesh34@gmail.com or Call me on +91 9619439665 to inquire.


The following type of Patients are highly likely to Approach or Consider Urine Therapy Treatment

•    Who know about the Power of The Urine Therapy

•    When doctors say “Go home and pray to God” i.e. There is No cure. Leave it to Fate

•    When patient do not get satisfaction from all the popular sources, names doctors, vids, homeopaths, nature cure

•    They do not have money for treatment

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