Urine Therapy Guaranteed Home Remedy by Dinesh Doshi (Experienced Professional in Mumbai)

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Urine Therapy Guaranteed Home Remedy by Dinesh Doshi (Experienced Professional in Mumbai)


Nearly 5000 years ago, there was a big book called DAMAR TANTRA. In that volume there was a chapter called SHIVAMBU KALPA. In Shivambu Kalpa, there were 107 verses or shlokka. Bhagwan Sri SHIV narrates the benefits of shivambu or own urine drinking. Today after nearly 5000 years those things may look like gossip but 5000 years ago, there was very little pollution. Keeping in mind that situation and the way world over urine therapists have cured incurable patients and with my 35 years experience, I strongly assert that U.T is effective even today. IF PATIENT AND FAMILY FULLY CO-OPERATE, today there are many experienced URINE THERAPISTS in many parts of the world like India, Japan, America, Canada, England, Germany.

The First most successful urine therapist was John W. Armstrong who successfully cured thousands of patients on death bed by urine drinking. Afterwards he penned his experiences in a book THE WATER OF LIFE. In India, the tallest personality, Sri Morarji Desai (prime minister of India (1975-1977) was the most vocal advocate of urine therapy. He died at the age of 100.

Right from my age of 16 years, I was interested in reading the books on HEALTH. One very important event occurred in my life in 1946, at the age of 12 years. My mind and body cannot tolerate 99 degree temperature and was gripped by typhoid which lasted 49 days. In those days, penicillin was only injection marketed. Subsequently it was established it is very harmful so withdrawn.

As I was not able to tolerate heavy fever, I started chanting the name of our Jain God MAHAVIR. As soon as I went into coma, my unconscious or subconscious mind started chanting MAHAVIR for 49 days. That is a very big event in my life. When I regained my consciousness, the first word I uttered was MAHAVIR.

30 years ago, I was presented a book on urine therapy in Gujarati .I was so much satisfied and impressed that I was convinced. I shall never be ill. SO I DISCONTINUED MY MEDICLAIM INSURANCE. God IS VERY MERCIFUL on me, All these years, I never have had necessity to get hospitalised.

For last 30 years I am practicing as a URINE THERAPIST. I do not charge any fee. For the last 4 years I collect refundable deposit of 500. Because consultation is free, 4 or 5 persons, sometimes come and ask sometimes unnecessary questions which strain my limited energy due to old age.. On American Independence, I shall complete 84 years.

My first major case was in January 2013. Tata Cancer Hospital had virtually told C. K.SHAH, to go home and pray God. He had 3rd time NONHODGKINS LYMPHOMA (CANCER). He resumed his normal activity in just 15 days. And he is alive today on 16 April 2018.

Psoriasis in an incurable disease in alopathy.. I have cured an opthelmic surgeon. A couple of years later, his wife was advised amputation of leg. Urine therapy cured her.

5 years ago, I had massive heart attack. Because I got the warning 1 hour ago (120 pulse rate}, I could cure myself. I went to cardiologist after 1 month. Next day, on seeing all the relevant reports, with very serious face and tone he told me, “You have to go for angiography”. I replied, Doctor this is a 1934 model old car. I shall spend money on angiography and then may be for bypass surgery.” He smiled and wrote the prescription.

I strongly believe that real name for CANCER is DEFICIENCY OF VITAMIN B 17. Mumbai patients on death bed as advised by treating doctors can contact me for treatment. I believe GOD IS GREAT HEALER.

I have good books on URINE THERAPY in 9 Indian languages, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannad, Malyalam, and Bengali. I want books in North India languages. If anyone can offer me with price, I shall be very happy.

Muscular dystrophy is an incurable disease. A Patna boy patient has shown good improvement by intramuscular injection of his own FRESH URINE. There is detailed information about urine injections in the book YOUR OWN PERFECT MEDICINE BY A PATIENT TURNED AUTHOR MARTHA CHRISTY. The publishers are Magna Publishing.

If anyone is unable to get the book, I shall send a copy (price 200 including postage).

There may be repetitions. Please forgive my age.

Dinesh Doshi, Mumbai 53.



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