Mr. C. K. Shah – Borivali, Mumbai | Cancer

//Mr. C. K. Shah – Borivali, Mumbai | Cancer

Mr. C. K. Shah – Borivali, Mumbai | Cancer

Curing a Cancer Patient when Doctors asked him to Go Home and Leave it to God

Mr. C. K. Shah of Borivali east, was diagnosis NONHODGKIN”S LYMPHOMA CANCER , 3rd stage. He was treated with chemotherapy and discharged as cured. In 2007, cancer reappeared and treated with chemotherapy and discharged. In January 2013, he was very serious and Tata Cancer Hospital doctors advised him to go home pray God in a nice way (basically said that nothing can be done). His relative gave him my number and requested him to try urine therapy. I took this case and didn’t give up hope.

I had not treated any cancer patient. But theoretically I was confident that he can recover. With that confidence, I assured him that if he follows all my instructions in TOTALITY, all cancer toxins will be voided vide latrine within 10 days. Sincerely he followed my treatment. No healer is a God. Even i can make a mistake. Mr. Shah was a victim of overdosage. On one side drugs stopped and on other side Urine Therapy started. Result was fast. Miracle did happen Mr. C.K Shah fully recovered in 10 days. This left the doctor in surprise.

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